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A snack that you can trust and love.

We mix flavors that will surprise your taste buds without compromising with sugars or hiding our healthy ingredients behind a “chocolate chip cookie”

packed with nutrients

We've mastered the recipe for plant-based bars packed with protein and nutrients. All our flavors have beneficial ingredients that support a healthy diet. Växa Bars are full of antioxidants, iron, fiber, magnesium, vitamin D and omega3. All made with organic, clean  ingredients, free of additives and preservatives. They are vegan and gluten free, made from seeds. 


We are on a mission

Växa’s main mission is to provide a plant based nutritious snack that will fuel active people. We also believe it’s bigger than that, with our brand we want to give back to nature and our community.

Växa was born by a Swede and American who loves being outdoors practicing sports, camping, hiking and enjoying nature. By choosing a bar that is plant based YOU are helping the environment and giving back to nature.


For your family

We know you have a busy, active life. We know you need healthy snacks on the go

and are tired of sugary bars that taste like a strange chemical substitute for a cookie, chocolate or brownie. That's why we created an alternative. 

Grab a Växa Bar on the go, or pack it in a lunchbox. However you enjoy it, you will be surprised how tasty they are and you will know that Växa Bar is here for you and your family!


"I love these bars! I have gut issues that make it hard to find bars with ingredients that are gut friendly to me. Vaxa bars are it! Yay!!"

ELISE, SAnta cruz