A story of realization


Meet Jessica. Hej!

I recently moved to Santa Cruz, CA from Stockholm, Sweden. I started Växa for my sons, Wilder (3), Love (5) and River (almost 1).

Like all parents, my husband Jake and I are constantly sprinting between work, packing lunches, spending time outside, and enjoying the beach, which doesn’t leave much free time to prepare nutritious snacks.

⁣When looking for healthy snacks ready to throw in the beach bag and lunchbox, we were disappointed by the options.

The snack aisle was full of choices that have a lot of sugar, ingredients I can't pronounce, taste only like cookies or lack actual nutrients. I realized that if I wanted a healthy snack that's delicious, plant-based and packed with minerals and nutrients from whole ingredients, I needed to make one.

And Växa Bars was born!

Växa bar is on a mission to introduce real, raw and authentic flavors to you. Let’s build a healthy community and children together by learning how to love the taste of nutritious and healthy foods.

växa bars

Växa (pronounced "Vexsa") means to grow in Swedish.

Our vision is to help fuel exploration and spark growth of healthy children of all ages. We strongly believe that paying attention to what we are putting in our bodies is the first step towards healthy, sustainable growth. 

Why? Because children are our future. Deep down we are all children and we all need to grow an understanding of the importance of health. Whatever we feed our children is most likely what they are going to end up eating for the rest of their life. If we don’t introduce the taste of healthy food at an early age they might never end up trying it. 


Sugar is addictive and it is everywhere. According to a study by researchers at the University of North Carolina 60% of our foods contain added sugars.


We are what we eat. Whatever we consume becomes our energy. We need to be more aware of our health and take it into our own hands. We at Växa bars want to be a part of YOUR sustainable future. We are your alternative snack to a healthy, nutritious lifestyle and we make it easy to say no to sugary “snacks”


Of course, our products can’t just be healthy! My kids don’t understand the benefits of nutrition rich diets yet, for them it's all about the flavor. 


With blueberry, sunflower butter and coconut blends, we have the flavor options to satisfy your entire household. Our bars are rigorously flavor tested by our personal team of picky eaters before they hit the market. 


So why not start your healthy, nutritious lifestyle today? Växa Bars are a snack you can trust and love. We want to teach YOU how to love healthy foods without compromising with sugar or other common sweet flavors like cookies or brownies. We have carefully sourced our ingredients and flavors for you to enjoy their true flavor. 


Every Växa Bar is filled with only organic, plant-based ingredients. They are free of additives and preservatives and have low amounts of natural sugars.


We are on a mission!

Växa’smission is to provide a plant-based nutritious snack that will fuel active people. We also know our brand has a responsibility to take things a step further by giving back to nature and our community.

We strive to use compostable packaging, support organizations and young athletes who care for the environment and have a voice. We believe that in order to BE GOOD you need to DO GOOD. 


Stay Tuned!