Eat like you matter

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Psst, hey you. Get your head out of the bakery!

Who said snacks were supposed to taste like dessert or pretend they’re something they’re not? (We’re looking at you, chocolate chip cookie protein bar.) 

We want to rethink how we snack using real flavors and clean ingredients that nourish and intrigue–not make us feel guilty and bloated. Our savory, slightly sweet bars taste good…and feel good. Body, mind, and gut. 

What we eat matters. And the faux health bars flooding the market just didn’t fly with us.

MEET Jessica

My love for adventure began in the Swedish landscape of my childhood and only increased after my Californian husband and I had three boys. We were always on the go, which meant we had to meet our nutritional needs straight from our backpacks—and try to not crash and burn from shady ingredients and too much sugar (or feel guilty about what we were giving our kids). 

We got tired of not having clean, whole foods to fuel our active lifestyle. 

So we committed to changing how we snack using real flavors and clean, plant-based foods for people who…well, give a damn. And Växa was born!

Free of chemical concoctions trying to convince you that you’re eating a cookie.


Free of excess sweetness and lab-created sugar alcohols added to trick your tastebuds (and your brains) into wanting more…while wreaking havoc on your gut. 

Palm Trees

Our plant-based nutritious bars fuel active lifestyles without making you settle for sugary snacks. 

From pumpkin, queen of the seed world, to the small-but-mighty chia, our plant-powered bars facilitate muscle recovery, fat burning, and immune support with healthy fats, protein, and only 3 grams of unrefined sugar.

Växa (pronounced "Vexsa") means “to grow” in Swedish.

And we strongly believe that paying attention to what we put in our bodies is the first step towards healthy, sustainable growth. 

We also believe that giving back to nature and our community is an important part of our growth as a company. We strive to support organizations and young athletes who care for the environment. And by being plant-focused, we’re also planet-focused.

You matter. Now let’s eat like it!

From our family to yours,

- Jessica

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