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kitchen with recipe, fruits, vaxa no nut pb&j bar on a white sheet

In a family kitchen in Southern California, 

an actually healthy snack was born.

It all started with an empty lunchbox.

This is me, Jessica! 

I’m the founder of Växa bars, 

a mom of 3 cool boys,

& a planet-loving health nut.

To be honest, I really don’t like cooking.


I’m the kind of mom who’d rather play outside with my three boys than spend hours in the kitchen. So when my family moved from Sweden to Santa Cruz, California and I had to start packing school lunches for my kids, I did what any mom would do. I went to the snack aisle.


At first, I walked down the snack aisle like a kid in a candy store. There were so many options compared to my local grocery store in Sweden! But when I started reading the ingredient labels, my glee turned to shock. So many protein bars had ingredients that are banned in Sweden, and the “clean” bars were all loaded with sugar.

I started asking everyone I knew: “where can I find nutritious bars that aren’t just nuts and sugar, but actually taste good?” 


But they’d just shake their heads like “You know you’re in the USA, right?”

I literally went to the snack aisle to avoid being in the kitchen. But I was determined to find a recipe that was gluten-free, nut-free, vegan, low-sugar, clean, and actually tasty. 


So I brought myself into the kitchen, and made them myself.


Hundreds of recipes (all graciously eaten by my partner, Jacob), many failed attempts (he ate those, too), and a number of trips around my neighborhood asking moms to try my bars later, I freaking did it.

The Växa Bar was born.

Palm Trees
lunchbox with grapes, vaxa nutrition bars and nuts

Växa bars are seedy, savory, slightly sweet and unlike any other protein bar out there.

It’s the plant-based bar that should’ve

existed a long time ago.

Perfect for airplane rides, lunch boxes, on-the-go snacks, and small lunches! You’re so welcome.

Real talk?

We’re not trying to make you crave Växa Bars.

We trying to help you crave how healthy feels.


Växa (pronounced Vek-sa) means “to grow” in Swedish.


When my boys grow up, I want them to actually like healthy food. But I know that if I trick them into eating “healthy” food with snacks that taste like brownies, they’re not going to crave fruits and veggies — they’re going to crave the brownies!


And the same goes for you and your kids, too.


That’s why we’re not trying to cover real plant flavors with addictive sugars and powders. Everything you’ll find in our bars grows in nature and is packed with nutrition to help you grow strong. Can I get a “woot woot”?!

Not lab-crafted. Not engineered.

Marble Surface

Homemade in our kitchen, and beloved in yours.

I find myself saying, "grab a snack" several times a day, but then feel mom guilt for the over-processed, sugar-filled, unhealthy snacks in our pantry. These are an easy, yummy, healthy, energy-boosting, guilt-free snack for our family.




We just ordered our first box of blueberry choco and my son loves them! They have been a perfect snack for him to have between meals… It is really nice knowing that we are reaching for a healthy snack food option that keeps our son going and growing.




These bars are AWESOME. I'm sensitive to additives in my food and these feel clean and like I'm doing my body a solid. My favorite flavor surprised me...Beets and Coconut? Who would have thought (obviously, besides the people at Vaxa).




I love these plant-based bars! I have gut issues that make it hard to find bars with ingredients that are gut-friendly to me.

Vaxa bars are it!


-Elise, Santa Cruz

Get ready to enter pantry heaven.

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