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Keanna: JR National surf team

Keanna was 13 years old when she first fell in love with surfing.

She knew from an early age that this sport was not only a fun passion, but that she was also going to be a champion, and she was right.

Keanna has gone on to win numerous surf competitions, and the world is starting to take notice. This year she was named to the Girls U18 Junior National Team, a huge accomplishment.

"Being on the national team to me meant so much more than just a status. It was that all my hard work and everyone who had helped me along the way had paid off,” Keanna Miller said. “It was an honor to represent Santa Cruz, seeing as I was the only one in Northern California that had made it on the team.”

Ms. Miller is set to represent Santa Cruz at international surfing competitions and carry on our communities storied surfing legacy. We asked Keanna why she loves surfing so much, and her answer was immediate. She loves being in the ocean and everything surrounding it, the sea creatures, family and the surfing community.

Being in the water almost every day, Keanna is surrounded by our beautiful nature, so we got to hear her thoughts on if there is anything we can do as surfers to protect our environment?

Her message to other surfers was to use reef-safe sunscreen. It's better for the environment, and keeps you in the water with healthy skin.

When it comes to competing at the highest level, you need to work hard. Keanna showed us how important it is to work hard and think about the details every step of the way when growing a business and a community that lives in harmony with the natural world.

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