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Tips from a Health Coach

We all want to be healthy, feel great and be stress-free. The question is HOW?

It can feel impossible to fit in the healthy meals you enjoy, exercise, and still have the time for all errands and family or friends. To keep the ship afloat, we decide to put our own health and priorities at the bottom of the list.

This is why Lauren Furtado, mom, wife, and health coach, started her own business. She is originally from Santa Cruz, and her business is called Live Happier Wellness.

Lauren describes a health coach as helping people change their habits to reach their wellness goals through education, support, and accountability.

The reason she started her own business was because of her previous career. She was busy working at a corporate company, while managing her personal life, she finally got to a breaking point where stress took a toll on her body. Hitting this low gave Lauren a moment of reflection, and she started to explore her passion for health and wellness. She eventually got certified as a health coach and is now helping people to put their health as their first priority so they can be the person they want to be.

Lauren tells us that there is no one secret formula or coaching style that fits all. Every person is different, and the first step is finding out what works for your personality and your desired result. She helps clients clarify their wellness goals, she looks at their routine, mindset, habits and what is mentally holding them back.

It sounds transformative! But what even is a wellness goal?

It is a balance that suits you, that makes you feel healthy, strong, and energetic. And it might be a trial and error process to find what works for you.

Sometimes, what blocks people from reaching these goals is that they are super busy. Many of us face a fast-paced lifestyle, working long hours, taking care of kids, and searching for small moments to prepare the meals your family needs to grow.

So we asked Lauren, why is Växa bar a good resource for people reaching their wellness goals?

We know that bars and snacks are a great convenience food alternative when you don’t have time to create a meal or need something in between running errands.

The issue with a lot of these snacks is that they are filled with sugar or gluten that will not only make you feel sluggish but also start inflammation or give you quick “highs” that can lead to later on “lows.”

She says the difference with Växa bars is that they pack in nutrients and healthy fats with almost no sugar and plenty of vitamins that provide a natural way to get the most out of your day. Healthy, quick, and tasty make the perfect fit for her busy clients that need a quick boost to reach their health and wellness goals.

Last but not least, Lauren says there are so many tools and ways to embrace your personalized healthy lifestyle. A healthy diet is only part of the tools that we didn’t learn about in school and that everyone should know about. Our bodies are our engines, and what we fuel them with will directly impact our mental and physical health.

We go on in our daily life, and we forget the most important part, taking care of the body that gets us through the day with a smile. By taking care of ourselves, we are also teaching our kids how to take care of themselves with healthy habits.

Lauren can help you switch your routine to help you follow through with your goals with a personally crafted plan that will fit your schedule. If you are interested in knowing more, find her here:

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